Welcome Tyrant 6x6 Jeep!

When you are looking for an increase in range, or load space our Tyrant JK6 6-wheel drive is the perfect solution for your off-road needs. Check out our galleries to see our fire department, snow plow, construction and homeland security applications. Going on a safari? You will have room for your guns, game and space for four passengers!


Wild Boar's JK6 goes off-road and in 6 wheel drive! Yes, true 6x6. Designed for long range, extreme traction, with its six wheel power and expanded load carrying capabilities. Throwing up six wheels of dirt! Yes, once again the JK6 Jeep is 6x6 (6 wheel drive) with a pass through drive shaft to the rear wheels. Order yours today or we can convert your Jeep JK four door. Once we do, you'll have the ultimate off-road, high load, go anywhere, 6 wheel drive vehicle.


We maintain the same articulation as the stock Jeep JK has but we do it will all six wheels. Here is our JK6 Jeep going through a creek bed. Our axle team makes axles that pass through military applications as well. The suspension and frame were designed by one of the best off-road specialist on the West Coast. 


Tyrant now adds the option of a soft top version of the JK 6 wheel drive Jeep. Useful for hunting and exploration!

All of our products are made in the USA making it an easy repairable vehicle to understand. The availability for the parts for our JK6 are available in every city where ever Chrysler is. You can find yourself with all kinds of options and these products are made USA. Our team members are Americans and are here to provide immediate services to anybody who should need it. We here at the Tyrant motor company do allow some customizing. Our team members will always recommend the best of products to be put on your vehicle for long legitimately and reliability.

Go where standard Jeeps don't dare with our trail tested six wheel drive JK6. Wild Boar Products can make your stock Jeep a head turner. Why buy a Mercedes Benz when you can have the original 6 wheel drive for fraction of the cost. Built and tested in the USA for extreme conditions.

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About Tyrant Motorworks

Tyrant Motorworks - award winning designs and extreme offroad capabilities.

Tyrant Motorworks based in Stanton, California has over 20 years experience in developing unique automotive products.


Need 6x6 solutions? We can custom design an application for you.

If you need a national security solution, fire fighting, or construction appiication feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

Why 6x6 Is Better?

Why is 6 wheel drive better? Learn why below a Tryrant is the ultimate for offroad adventures!

6 power wheel give us a lot of benefits. Load carrying is increased, boyance for soft surfaces is increased, traction is increased.